Fixed Price Building

One of the most important elements of enjoying your custom built home is feeling secure about the price you were promised and the price you paid. That’s why Meritus Signature Homes is proud to be one of the only custom home builders in the Upstate, SC and Western, NC region to offer fixed price building.

The advantage of a working with a fixed price builder is simple: Once your price is contracted, our promise to you is that it will not go up. The only way you’ll pay more for your home than the contracted price is if you sign a formal Work-Change Order and agree to a new set price.

As fixed priced builders, we understand it’s our responsibility to keep your new home within the budget you’ve established. In contrast, a cost-plus builder profits from every feature you add to your home during the construction process. With today’s emphasis on getting the most quality for your construction dollar, we believe the fixed price building process is the better way to build a home.

As a team, we will work with you to set a ballpark range that comfortably fits within your budget. Meritus uses 50+ combined years of experience building with the highest quality materials to painstakingly plan each and every detail of your home. From the comfortable confines of the Meritus Design Center, you’ll choose from an extensive selection of flooring, fixtures, trim, cabinetry, lighting and other construction elements to create the look you love (and the budget) you’ll love forever.

Throughout the construction process, it’s our responsibility to see that every aspect of your new home is delivered on budget, with the highest standards of quality.

Because you won’t be worrying about constant price increases, you’ll be able to enjoy the process of building your dream home as much as actually living in it. And it’s an overall quality experience that we at Meritus strive to deliver. We want to minimize surprises and keep happy, lifelong customers.